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Quality and affordable Stationery. With a wide range of Scholastic and Office Products.

A wide range of vibrant coloured highlighters, markers and correction.

High-precision writing with advanced tip technology.

Unleashing your creative potential with our wide range of creative stationery and art supplies.

Locally manufactured using quality raw materials, available in a variety of sizes.

Premium office products for a classy touch to every office or desk.

A variety of sizes and colours. Make notes and track your ideas with the range of notes and accessories.

A wide variety of quality punches and staplers for various uses.

Easy to use multi-purpose labels to work seamlessly with a variety of designs and other adhesives.

Comfortable Office Chairs are tested to the highest European Standards making them the ideal office chairs.

Purified still and sparkling water for home and office use.

A wide variety of cleaning products suitable for Industrial Cleaning, Automotive Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning as we as Household Cleaning.


Leading Brands

BSC Stationey Sales is a proud distributer of leading local and international brands